Matching You With Free Saw Horse Plans!

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Free Sawhorse Plans - The 14-Minute Sawhorse!
The Only 14-Minute Sawhorse Plans On The Internet!

Step 1 - Cut out the following pieces to build a pair of 2 sawhorses:

  • (8) 30-inch 2x4 pieces
  • (6) 32.5 inch 2x4 pieces
  • (2) 12"x12" pieces of scrap plywood from 1/4 thick or thicker
  • (4) 32.5 inch pieces of scrap 1x6 or approx. 6-inch wide plywood
  • You will also need about (30) 16d coated or galvanized nails and about (40) 8d coated or galvanized nails

Step 2 - Construct two I-beams as shown below with the (6) 32.5-inch pieces using the 16d nails. Keep the pieces centered as well as possible. Tip: Use several drywall screws to hold the boards correctly in place before nailing.

Step 3 - Nail the (4) 30-inch legs onto each I-beam as shown below with 16d nails.  The I-beams will cause the legs to be correctly angled.

Step 4 - Nail the 12"x12" pieces onto the ends with 8d nails as shown below. Tip: Make sure horse sits level on the ground before attaching the end pieces. Nail the boards evenly spaced from the top if you want nice looking sawhorses!

Step 5 - Attach 32.5" 1-by-6 scrap lumber to sides as shown below with 8d nails and trim off plywood end pieces.  You are done!  These horses are darn near as strong as a horse and take only minutes (hence the name 14 minute sawhorse) to build once the materials are gathered and cut out!

For some somewhat nicer sawhorses, try the plans a friend of mine made up at

Why the name 14-Minute Saw Horse? Someone already had what they claimed to be 15-minute sawhorse plans, however they were more like 30-minute plans!  In actuality, each of these sawhorses above could probably be constructed in about 10 minutes once all the pieces were cut out.  Tell a Friend About these Free Saw Horse Plans!

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