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Homemade Gifts For Men - Renee's Handyman Gift Mug - Father's Day Gift


This is a great gift for the handyman on your gift list! Also, this would make a nice Father's Day Gift. The completed handyman gift mug contains the items shown below. There is not a man on earth that can not make use of another screwdriver, and the 7-in-1 ratchet driver below contains 7 different driver heads! You simply place the items in the mug and tie the bandana over the top! Total cost of this gift was about $11 or $12, depending on whether you include one or two pairs of work gloves.

screwdriver screws bandana work gloves mug
7-in-1 Stubby Ratchet Driver Bit Set - $4 1 1/8" Phillips Head Screws - 100 Pack - $2 Discount Bandana - $1 Jersey Work Gloves - $0.89 Per Pair Jumbo Clear Mug - $3

personalized gift


Place package of screws and screwdriver in the bottom of the super-sized mug.

Place one or two pairs of brown jersey handyman gloves over the top.

Tie the red bandana over the top of the mug as shown, or devise your own method of securing the bandana.

The handyman on your gift list will make good use of every item of this unique gift!





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