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Homemade Gifts For Men (and others!) - Renee's Sweet Tooth Gift Mug


Here is a nice homemade gift for the sweet tooth on your gift list! It is basically a "gift basket" that you could give to anyone, even a man! And it would make a nice Christmas or birthday gift or friendship gift for a coworker. The completed coffee (or hot cocoa) gift mug contains the items shown below. Use either mini-packs of flavored coffee or hot cocoa mix along with your choice of mini-candy bars and place in the super-sized mug as shown below. Tie the bandana over the top with the ends tied around the back of the mug through the handle. The total cost of this mug gift was about $8 or $9, depending on whether you use hot cocoa or coffee in your gift mug. This assumes that you keep the leftover candy and cocoa for yourself, which I am assuming will not be a problem! Check out the Handyman and Western Chili versions of this homemade gift mug as well.

coffee hot cocoa bandana candybars mug
Coffee Packs
Cost - About $3
Hot Cocoa
Cost - About $1
Discount Bandana
Cost - About $1
Mini-Candy Bars
Cost - About $1
Jumbo Clear Mug
Cost - About $3

personalized coffee mug


Place coffee packs or cocoa mix in the bottom of the giant mug.

Fit small pieces of candy around the coffee or cocoa mix and pile a bit higher than the top of the mug.

Tie the red bandana over the top of the mug as shown with the ends fastened to the handle. You should fold one corner of the bandana over the top and fasten to the handle of the mug also - this will keep the piled-up candy in place.

Store this mug in a cool place until you are ready to give it as the chocolate candy may otherwise melt!




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