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Homemade Gifts For Men - Renee's Western Gift Mug For Chili Lovers


Here is a great gift for the guy that loves chili, and most do! The completed western chili gift mug contains the items shown below. I used the Bear Creek chili mix since it fit in the jar nicely, but any other similar dry mix would work as well. Since the chili mix I chose called for a small can of tomato paste, I included this with the mix. Also, include a package of hot spices. Since smaller packs of such spices are not readily available to fit in the mug, I made up my own in a small zip lock bag with label as shown. The total cost of this gift is about $9.

chili mix spice bandana mug
Chili Mix and Tomato Paste
Cost - About $4
Chili Spices (Optional)
Cost - About $1
Discount Bandana
Cost - About $1
Jumbo Clear Mug
Cost - About $3

personalized chili mug


Place chili mix in first. To do this, pull the bottom end of the package to elongate it so it will fit to the bottom of the mug.

Place a small can of tomato paste, as called for in the chili mix recipe, along side of the mix at the top.

If desired, place your choice of a packet of spices at the top, such as red chili pepper powder.

Place the red bandana over the top of the mug by fastening the ends of the bandana through the handle at the back. The bandana should cover the chili mix, paste, and spices.





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