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How do you buy a gift for a man that he will appreciate and find useful? Many times, out of good intentions, a wife or kids will try to buy a gift for a husband or father by trying to match his interests, but somehow not quite the right item is purchased. Perhaps some sporting good item is picked out, but the item is not at all the type the man would use. How can this be avoided? Here are some solutions:

Get a gift certificate to the man's favorite store. This is not the most personalized choice of gifts since it is about 1 step beyond a simple cash gift, but it is nearly guaranteed to be a well-used gift.

Simply ask the man on your gift list what he would like. This works, but definitely eliminates the factor of surprise.

Ask the man on your list's best friend or friends for advice. If they share the same hobbies or interests, they can probably direct you to a suitable gift. Then again, they may be friends, yet not share the same level of enthusiasm in your gift recipient's hobbies.

For fathers, a photo gift featuring the kids is a good bet. At least for my husband it is. What better item for the office or den wall?

A useful gift, like a jacket or shirt, is always nice. A man can never have enough jackets or shirts, it seems.

As the old saying goes, it's the thought that counts. A simple mug with an inscription goes a long ways. Let the man in your life buy his own custom sporting gear - don't worry, he won't wait until a birthday or holiday in hopes of getting that new fishing pole!



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