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Gift Ideas For Kids and Teens & Some General Gift-Giving Suggestions


What gift to give a child may be determined by keeping an eye on what the child does on a Saturday afternoon. No seriously! If this is your own child, just see what they choose to do. If they play video games, then a video game would make a good gift. If they are into outdoor recreational sports, then get them some additional sporting gear. If they go biking, then maybe some new biking accessory woul make a nice gift. If this is not your own child, then ask the parent of the child that has this type of information. This is how one of our inlaws Christmas shops for our kids: She gives us a call asn asks us "what the kids are into" - it seems to work pretty well!

Teens have much more refined interests. Often, however, music is part of those interests. A nice simple gift to give a teen is a gift card for music credits, such as one you might pick up at a Best Buy

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Have you heard that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach? It is true! I still remember the day my then-friend (now-husband) lit up like a Christmas tree the first time I made a homemade apple pie for him! Go to my page on home made gifts for men for the recipe for the pie shown to the left along with some other home made gift ideas for men.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. And try out the apple pie!





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