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I don't know if any guy can call himself an expert on giving a gift to his wife - It can be tricky! I guess we should first cover the "Don'ts" of giving a gift to one's wife:

No appliances, unless she absolutely requests them for a gift. The gift of a bread maker suggests that she get busy making some nice homemade bread - a nice "personalized gift" for you the hubby, but perhaps not what your wife had in mind.

No self-improvement gifts of any type. Amazingly, there are a few fellows that give their wife exercise equipment. Translation to wife: "I think you are fat". Same goes for books to help improve your wife's outlook on life, etc. Any such gifts suggest a defect in your wife. Stay away from them.

OK, Here Are The DO's Of Giving a Gift To Your Wife

There is only one sure-fire universal gift that I can think of that most any wife would appreciate: Spend some time with your wife in a night out doing something she enjoys. Go out to her favorite restaurant. Take in a movie, or play, or whatever she enjoys (including shopping) after the meal. This is her night. Wives love this, trust me. This is perhaps the best "personalized gift" you can give your wife.

For a gift in addition to the night out, it is difficult to give specific advice. There is a general rule of thumb however: Meet your wife's expectations! If your finances are tight, your wife may not expect nor want anything more than a night out. Or perhaps a small token gift like your wife's favorite chocolates, novel, or some flowers would be a good choice. Or maybe a more expensive gift was expected since you have the financial resources. Pay attention to what she has in mind guys!



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