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FREE Bunk Bed Plans

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If you wish to construct some fairly nice looking bunk beds for probably around $100 (cost me about $85 thirteen years ago) with nothing more than a circular saw (assuming you can cut nice and straight), a hammer, a drill, and perhaps a belt sander, then these free bunkbed plans are for you. 

To see and print out a picture of the finished product (after 5 years of kids), click here. These bunkbeds are now THIRTEEN YEARS OLD and are as sturdy as new! (and still in use) The  plans are shown below. Here is what you do AFTER you cut out all pieces and SAND them:

  1. Construct two "boxes" out of the eight 2x6 pieces described below.  The outer dimensions of the finished boxes will be 41.5" by 78". I used 3" deck screws in shallow 3/8 holes with wood plugs as can be seen at the photo link above and in the figure below.
  2. Attach bed supports inside "boxes" as shown in the figure below and the side view diagram below. I used 3" deck screws driven into shallow 3/8 holes that were then covered with wood plugs.  I also used several #10 finish nails in each location and later filled the set nail holes.  Provided your 2x4's are the usual 1.5" thickness, the 38.5" frame supports will fit inside the (41.5-3)" boxes perfectly. 
  3. Mark the 4 corner posts as shown below with marks at 9" and 48" up.  Attach corner posts to boxes with #10 finish nails for the sake of holding things together while drilling holes for the carriage bolts. Note: The bed shown here assumes the use of a 6" thick mattress. If your mattress is thicker you may want to move your top box down accordingly or plan on moving your top guard rails up. For example, if your mattress is 8" thick, have your top box at 46" up instead of 48" up.
  4. Check for square-ness.  Drill 3/8 holes for the carriage bolts through corner posts and boxes. Attach the 4 corner posts. A CLOSE-UP photo is shown at this link.
  5. In a manner very similar to step 1, construct two "boxes" for the guard rails of dimensions 78" by 41.5". Mark the 4 corner posts as shown below at 55 3/4" up and 61.5" up.  Again, use deck or sheet rock screws with 3/8" wood plugs to hold these boxes together.
  6. Attach guard rails inside bed frame as shown below.  I used sheet rock screws with no plugs so I could easily disassemble the bed.  The screws are not visible.
  7. Cut (2) mattress supports out of 3/4" 4x8 sheets to dimensions 38 1/4" by 74 3/4".
  8. Build ladder as shown below. You will probably want "hooks" to hold the ladder to the bed.  I used 1.5" by 1/8" steel bar stock. I cut the stock to (2) 8 1/8" lengths and bent them as shown in the photo link above. Add padding of some sort to avoid marring the wood!
  9. Cut additional 2x4 pieces to "fill out" the corner posts to make them look like 4x4's and perhaps make the whole unit a bit sturdier. These pieces are about 3", 2 1/4", 33 1/2", & 8 /34".   I did this and attached them with finish nails.
  10. Fill any set nail holes and sand entire unit.
  11. Finish as desired.  This can be done in the garage (as I did), although you will need to disassemble and reassemble.  Let me know how it went by dropping me an email.

Bunk Bed List
Side View

General Information

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My husband & I have no woodworking experience, and we were able to modify them and build a bunk bed with a loft.  It took 3 afternoons and cost $340 (which includes the cost of a saw,drill & sander).  The guardrails on the top go all the way across in the back, and the 2x6 in back also goes all the way across.  We built the bottom bed at 18 inches high, so we can slide rolling boxes underneath (a project for another day).  The top beds are 60 inches off the ground. Comments Sent To Me in April of 2011!
Here are some nice Bunkbeds with a paint finish built by Joe P. Joe commented "This bed is way nicer than 99% of the beds that we saw when shopping for a bunk bed.  This bed is bomb proof." These beds cost him about $109. Note how a ladder is built into the end of the bed.
One person built this nice loft bed and sent a picture in! Click on the picture on the right for a larger view.  The person who built this stated it was fairly stable but if you have kids like mine, you would probably want to attach the bed to the floor or wall to prevent tipping.
This person used 2x6's.  A single rail will be placed along the top when this bed is moved to its final location.  Also, a ladder will be installed on the end.
Dear sir, I just wanted to let you know that I found your plans on the internet for the bunkbed. I wanted to thank you for making it easy for me. a little background. I'm a single mother, who promised to get her 2 sons a bunkbed, since we moved in April. the deadline was Christmas, and I couldn't afford to get one that I liked. they were all around $400-1000. anyway, with about $95 and your plans, i modified it a little, to make a full size bed on the bottom, that is detachable, and the top is like a loft bed.

We converted a church building into a multi function facility. Part of the church is a bunk house for men and women when they come to help around the ministry. I took your plans, with minor modifications, and built six full size twin beds and one twin over a queen bed. They look great!


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